Productivity Mode

Productivity Mode

Are You Wanting to Increase Your Productivity?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it can be challenging to maximize our productivity without burning out. Finding effective tools to improve my own productivity has made a huge difference for me, both professionally and personally.
Here are 10 effective productivity concepts that have helped me throughout my career:

  1. A single finish is more valuable than ten starts.
  2. Remember that both successful and unsuccessful people have the same amount of hours in a day, and how you choose to spend those hours directly correlates to your level of success.
  3. You’ll typically complete any assigned work in the time allocated. 
  4. General rule of thumb: Productive > Perfect. 
  5. Improve your discipline by doing work you know must get done, even when it feels unpleasant. 
  6. Create a list to gain clarity around what must be accomplished. 
  7. Progress can’t happen until action is taken. 
  8. Remember that Busy doesn’t equal productive!
  9. If you read this blog and haven’t taken action on its advice, your time has been wasted.
  10. My favorite (something that is proving challenging for me at times as well): Learning to say no can be the ultimate productivity hack.
I have found these concepts to be immensely effective tools in reaching my productivity goals and I hope they’re of use to you too. From getting more done at work or finishing personal projects to managing time more effectively (work/family/personal passions), these concepts can make a noticeable difference in staying on task and getting things accomplished.
So, the next time you feel overwhelmed or stuck, take a moment to recall these simple productivity hacks. Although they might appear simple at first, I assure you that once put into practice they’ll prove immensely helpful in increasing productivity and success in your life.

-Ryan Rabinovich

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