Daniel Foch Joins RARE as Director of Economic Research

Daniel Foch Joins RARE as Director of Economic Research

RARE Real Estate Inc. is excited to announce the appointment of Daniel Foch as Director of Economic Research. As one of Toronto’s most influential Real Estate Brokers, with a captive audience of 100,000 real estate investors across multiple social media platforms, Foch brings his trusted expertise in primary research and market analysis for the collaborative success of the brokerage, agents, and clients.

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work in a meaningful role like this at a young, fast-growing organization that is so intimately connected with the development and real estate investment industry in Toronto. RARE has successfully redefined the relationship of the Agents and their Brokerage and has managed to create a significant upside in favor of the Agents. That’s transformative for the real estate service industry, and it’s something I want to be a part of and help grow further.”

Daniel is a Real Estate Broker, working in the industry for over 15 years with a variety of notable organizations such as InterRent REIT, CBRE, and Hydro One. During his academic career, Daniel was an active instructor, contributor, and researcher in the University of Guelph’s Real Estate Faculty, founder of The University’s International URECC event, and was awarded for affordable housing innovation by CMHC & The University of Guelph during his tenure at the university. Known for his in-depth real estate research and data analysis, Foch is a regular contributor in the Canadian media as one of the most trusted, unbiased, and balanced sources of real estate insight in Canada, and has been featured as a real estate expert in The Wall Street Journal, CBC, BNN Bloomberg, The Globe and Mail, among others.

Daniel adds, “To me, economic research means transparency and growth in an industry that desperately needs it. It says a lot about a brokerage when they’re willing to allocate resources to that pursuit, especially in a market where we’ve just seen some of the slowest monthly volumes in decades. That boldness and leadership resonates with me and where I want to go in this industry. That is a firm that is in touch with the real needs of agents, and that’s why RARE was the right move for me.”

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