6 Best Restaurants in Rosedale

6 Best Restaurants in Rosedale

Rosedale, a prestigious neighborhood, is not only known for its luxurious Toronto real estate but also for its vibrant culinary scene. As a gastronomic hub in the city, Rosedale offers a diverse array of dining options that cater to every palate and occasion. Whether you're a food enthusiast looking to buy in the area or a visitor exploring the neighborhood, this guide to the best restaurants in Rosedale provides a taste of what this exclusive area has to offer.

Terroni Price Street

Terroni Price Street is a must-visit for Italian cuisine aficionados. Situated in a beautifully restored Victorian house, this restaurant offers a cozy yet elegant dining experience. Terroni is renowned for its authentic Southern Italian dishes, from handcrafted pasta to wood-fired pizzas. The vibrant atmosphere and meticulous attention to culinary detail make it a popular choice among locals and a gem in the Toronto real estate scene.

Black Camel

For those in search of a more laid-back dining experience, Black Camel stands out with its approach to comfort food. Specializing in slow-cooked, tender sandwiches, Black Camel has been a favorite in Rosedale for years. Their brisket sandwich, paired with a choice of unique sauces and toppings, is particularly noteworthy. This spot is perfect for a quick lunch or a casual meal, highlighting the neighborhood's diverse culinary offerings.

Avant Gout

Avant Gout is a charming restaurant that brings a touch of French flair to Rosedale. Known for its intimate setting and exquisite menu, Avant Gout serves a selection of classic French dishes with a modern twist. The restaurant's commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients ensures a high-quality dining experience that resonates well with the discerning tastes of Rosedale's residents and enhances the allure of Toronto real estate in the area.

Kibo Sushi House

Kibo Sushi House offers a sleek, modern take on traditional Japanese cuisine. With a focus on fresh sushi and sashimi, Kibo Sushi House has carved out a niche for itself in Rosedale. The restaurant's minimalist decor complements its sophisticated menu, providing a serene dining atmosphere. For sushi lovers looking at Toronto real estate, Kibo Sushi House is a compelling reason to consider Rosedale as their new home.


Sarabeth's is a newer addition to Rosedale's dining scene, but it has quickly gained a reputation for its elegant American cuisine and sophisticated decor. Known for its luxurious brunch options and exquisite pastries, Sarabeth's is ideal for those special occasions or indulgent weekend mornings. The restaurant's commitment to quality and service exemplifies the high standards expected by Rosedale residents.


Sash offers a unique blend of fine dining and innovative culinary techniques. Known for its fusion cuisine, Sash brings together flavors from around the world to create a truly unique menu. The modern, stylish ambiance paired with a meticulously crafted wine list makes Sash a standout destination for culinary enthusiasts exploring Toronto real estate.

Hoping to Find a New Home in Rosedale?

Rosedale's dining scene offers a wide array of options that not only cater to diverse tastes but also enhance the residential appeal of the area. Each restaurant contributes to the neighborhood’s reputation as a premier destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life, including exquisite dining experiences. For those interested in purchasing Toronto real estate, Rosedale offers not just luxury homes but a lifestyle enriched by top-tier culinary delights.

For more information on Rosedale's culinary scene or if you are considering buying or selling in this prestigious neighborhood, connecting with a local real estate expert can provide additional insights and guidance. The team at Corinne Marks Real Estate is experienced in Rosedale real estate and that of the broader Toronto area. They can help you find your dream home. Reach out today to discover the opportunities that await in Toronto's distinguished Rosedale community.

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