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Emily firmly believes in the power of visible role models, living by the mantra 'seeing is believing'. She credits her strong work ethic and other key qualities to the successful, hardworking individuals who have mentored her throughout her life. These mentors have not only shaped her character but have also ignited her drive to excel in her career.

With a three-year background in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry, Emily has a deep understanding of the current market and the importance of prioritizing client needs. Concurrently working in a full-time corporate role, she continues to expand her knowledge in Canadian Mortgages, Real Estate, and Politics. Emily's passion for Real Estate is evident as she works towards obtaining her license to enhance her ability to assist clients more effectively.

Known for her innovative and ever-evolving marketing strategies, Emily is a natural, she adapts swiftly to the dynamic world around us. Her skill in executing projects for both the team and clients is a key factor in our business's success. Emily's journey is a testament to her commitment to excellence and continuous personal and professional growth.

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Corinne has been able to help a wide range of clients within her 5 years as an agent and devotes the same level of care and attention no matter the transaction size.

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